Transaction support

Corporate finance transactions typically require effective spoken communication in a variety of high stress situations. When a company is being sold, listing on the stock exchange, issuing a bond or being restructured, time is of the essence and clarity of advice crucial.

We have specialist transaction consultants at Kingstree – with backgrounds in investment banking and financial PR – who understand the language of corporate finance and who are highly experienced in helping each presenter make a strong, positive impression to future owners and investors.

Getting spoken communications right creates value in transactions. The challenge is to communicate to potential buyers or investors, the value they will gain from the transaction. In other words, helping them answer that simple question; why should I buy/invest in this company? This involves more than just delivering data and clever slides. It takes a well-structured sales story, with the key executives consistently performing at the top of their game, even when faced with frequently repeating the same presentation many times throughout the process.

Kingstree builds on the natural strengths of the management team to ensure confidence, consistency, credibility and teamwork. Whether preparing for formal presentations, road shows or informal Q&A sessions, we work with the financial advisers to define a clear ‘sales story’ that develops dialogue and motivates investors / buyers into action.

By focusing on getting spoken communications right early in the process, Kingstree can help management teams save time in preparation for management presentations and road shows, allowing them to spend more time on their ‘day job’.