Executive Communication

Effective communication cannot be achieved by getting people to conform to a ‘one size fits all’ model that is not natural to them. Each of us has the ability to communicate with, influence and motivate others when the circumstances are right.

Kingstree’s approach identifies what is going on when people are communicating well and builds on that natural style, which is unique to each of us.

Through one-on-one tailored sessions, or group workshops we will show you how to :

  • Communicate effectively whatever the pressure.
  • Build structure into all forms of business communications.
  • Use visual aids to support your messages, without distracting.
  • Guide the communication to a successful outcome.
  • Listen productively and stimulate positive discussion.
  • Be succinct and time efficient in meetings.
  • Rigorously prepare for Q&A.

Reinforcement is key to creating lasting change in any form of coaching and our approach is no different. Through the use of your own fully customised web-portal we give can give you easy access to:

  • Focused online e-learning modules
  • Templates
  • KeyPrep, our proprietary software for preparing meetings and presentations.