Our approach at Kingstree is to make sure that you consistently play at the ‘top of your game’ in all meetings, presentations, speeches and interviews whilst reducing preparation time to the minimum. Let us give you some detail on three particular areas.

Communications training

We create custom made programmes that build upon what you do when you are communicating at your ‘natural best’. The result is that, regardless of the situation, you will be able to clearly articulate high impact messages with complete credibility, confidence and commitment that will ultimately increase the chances of achieving your desired result.

We deliver that outcome by addressing three components of your communications:

1. Individual / team performance on the day.

2. The structure of your material, with key messages supported by visual aids, without distracting.

3. Establish a highly efficient process and common language across all levels when preparing for any event.

Transaction Support

Kingstree has many years’ experience advising on major transactions and helping our clients achieve superior valuations. Our experience has shown that an integrated approach to the story and delivery is optimal to make sure our clients consistently ‘play at the top of their game’ in all critical meetings with potential buyers.

This is delivered by executing a programme that focuses on creating a strong ‘sales story’ early in the process. We then conduct a series of individual and group coaching / rehearsal sessions.

Our approach focuses on more individual coaching and fewer group sessions. That way we make best use of our clients’ time. In individual sessions, we introduce the Kingstree ‘conversational approach’ and get clients to practice their part of the presentation so that they are confident and consistent when delivering it in group rehearsals.

Group rehearsals make sure that the presentation flows well and that all speakers are fully in-tune with other team members.

Q&A is rigorously rehearsed so that all team members can confidently answer the toughest questions, even when being put under pressure.

Our approach has proven to be highly effective. We help clients make a strong, positive first impression on their audience and at the same time help them save time in preparation.

Communication Audit

In this age of sound bites, media bombardment and constant audio/visual messaging – the challenge of capturing and maintaining attention becomes greater every day.

As leaders in our field, Kingstree offers the experience and knowledge to recognise areas of communications strengths and weaknesses. Our objective and independent approach, and vast experience, allows us to ask the difficult questions. We gain a comprehensive picture of our clients’ communication needs and equip them to win in what is an increasingly competitive environment.

We aim to achieve a culture of effective internal /external communications based on:

  • Publication of the Kingstree Communications Audit to appropriate individuals.
  • Implementation of recommendations in the Audit to achieve enhanced effectiveness in all critical communications.
  • On-going evaluation and appraisal to maintain “Best Practice”.
  • Continuous reinforcement of key communications objectives through appropriate training and consultation.

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